Managing a growing Digital Champion volunteer network can quickly overwhelm any informal management system, leading to a loss of programme control, an inability to provide any programme metrics and, ultimately, programme paralysis or failure.  Our Digital Champion Management Application is the automated embodiment of a fully defined, documented and tested management process.


The original process was developed over an 18-month period, working with a Local Authority that is subsequently demonstrating great success within the digital inclusion environment.  The Digital Champion Management Application has been developed by The Business Blend over the last 12 months, to simplify and streamline the workflow and dataflow of the process leading to cost, resource and time savings, along with improvements in control and data quality.


  • Full 12-month licence

  • Remote installation

  • Basic configuration

  • Operational testing

  • Full process documentation

  • Full software documantation

  • Full remote application support

  • Bug fixes

  • Minor updates

Application licence £85 + VAT per month


We are also able to offer full administrative support to your Digital Inclusion programme using the DCM Application:

  • Service designed to suit your needs

  • Based on all administrative activities required to maintain a Digital Champion network

  • Specific monthly dashboard detailing programme activity

Firm pricing would  be based on a fully developed proposal; however, an indicative price would be £65 + VAT per approved Digital Champion per year.


  • On-site installation

  • Organisational configuration

  • On-site training seminars

  • Remote training seminars

  • Data migration

    • Collation/extraction

    • Transformation

    • Application load

  • Major release migration

  • Process alignment

  • Policy design

  • Documentation design

All additional services are priced on application

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