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“I have very much enjoyed working with you.  I have learned much from you; things have been "wild" but you kept a cool head.”




The project must start now - we need to build a strong project team....

Most large organisations are, and need to be, ‘project based’ in the modern world because change is essential.  Mostly, organisations don’t get the luxury to choose programme start dates when the required resources are available.  This is especially true for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) projects, which are driven by a myriad of forces both internal and external to an organisation.

The solution is to make use of professional Project Management contract services, which can be brought into an organisation temporarily without major delays and usually.  Stakeholder management, project governance and project planning can begin within days of engagement, allowing the ground work to be in good shape for the organisation’s own resources to take over if required.  Alternatively, project continuity can be maintained throughout the project lifecycle should the resources not be available internally.

Contact us if you would like to discuss any specific issues or opportunities.

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