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Reliable Professional Services

The Business Blend Limited has worked with a variety of global  corporations to provide experienced IT Project Management, IT Service Transition Management, ITIL Service Delivery Management and Editorial Services for in-house and customer facing assignments.

We are fully trained contract and freelance professionals with extensive experience, we hold industry recognised qualifications and are members of established professional bodies.

You can rely on The Business Blend to enhance and support your project and business.




Paul thrives on challenges, and the diversity of each new assignment certainly keeps him on his toes. Equally comfortable leading or working within a team, he has worked with colleagues all over the world and we are proud of the results he has achieved for our clients.


Mary is able to professionally check your print and electronic communications for accuracy and consistency and can be brought in at pretty much any editorial stage of your document’s production. She has a knack for organisation, which proves useful when everyone’s deadline falls on the same day!

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