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Managing business data has never been easier!
PEPPAA captures and manages your critical business data.  PEPPAA analyses your operational and business performance.  PEPPAA produces essential, comprehensive business reports.

PEPPAA free trial version
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A comprehensive, flexible Excel-based tool designed specifically to organise, manage and report business and project performance data for the freelance editor.

Understand at a glance how your revenue is performing, who your best customers are and how well you perform across different tasks, genres, publication types and subject categories.

Powerful quote creation and checking facilities.  Uses your historic performance data to create quotes for projects or to tell you whether a project offer is lucrative or not.


  • Powerful facility to check and create quotes from your own data

  • Main data entry is managed by automated forms to ensure ease of use, maximum data consistency and quality

  • Make use of up to 18 data entry fields providing a comprehensive level of project and business detail

  • All data fields and records can be modified whenever required and have default values if not needed

  • Fully customisable Task Types, Publication Types and Publication Genres for maximum business flexibility

  • Generates 17 crucial data calculations from your input, delivering a powerful, wide-ranging set of business reporting, including:

    • Rate per hour

    • Rate per page/unit

    • Rate per 1000 words

    • Rate per project

    • Words per hour

    • Total fees

    • Payment due date

    • Late payment

    • Elapsed time between invoice and payment

  • Delivered with an impressive set of 6 pre-configured analysis reports designed to provide powerful insights into your project and business data straight out of the box

  • Generates 5 indispensable charts to visualise important data

  • Includes as standard customisable worksheets designed to manage your client data and professional development

  • Get the most out of PEPPAA by using our series of video tutorials

PEPPAA free trial version
PEPPAA Histogram
PEPPAA Histogram
PEPPAA Revenue Chart
Input Data & Edit Record Form
PEPPAA Quoting Tool
PEPPAA Task Analysis Table


PEPPAA Pricing

Standard Permanent Licence

Full PEPPAA licence      £44.95 (inc UK VAT)

CIEP Membership Discount - 45%

Full PEPPAA licence     £24.95 (inc UK VAT)

Try PEPPAA for free.  See for yourself the difference PEPPAA can make to managing your business!


Windows 7 or higher

MS Excel (32b version only)

PEPPAA free trial version
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