Demonstrate how well you are improving  your community's digital skills with the Digital Champion Management Application


  • Fully compliant with the Government sponsored Essential Digital Skills Framework

  • Fully defined management process to manage and maintain your Digital Champion volunteer network

  • Forms-driven management Application, written in MS Excel VBA, to supervise and control the process, data quality, data integrity and management reporting functions

  • Comprehensive software and process documentation

  • Pre-defined candidate application form and volunteer Activity Reporting Log to facilitate the automated data import procedures

  • Extensive automated notification system to manage all candidate and internal email communications

    • The 12 pre-defined emails can be customised from within the Application


  • 19 automated procedural functions to supervise the whole management process

  • 19 data entry forms

  • 11 unique status descriptions

  • 12 pre-defined automated emails

    • Automatically attaches pre-defined supporting documentation

  • Volunteer application form management function

  • 50 volunteer data elements

  • 21 venue and session data elements

  • 12 activity reporting data elements

    • 13 digital skill options

    • 11 special projects options

  • 19 automatically calculated dashboard elements

  • 11 fully automated, pre-defined charts with 6-month trendlines