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Transform your community's digital skills with Digital Champion Volunteers

Spreadsheets are not generally the best tool to manage process flow or complex data sets because it is difficult to protect the data from errors and inconsistencies, leading to increased management time and poor data quality.

The Digital Champion Management Application is a complete workflow tool, embodied within Excel, to manage the full Digital Champion process lifecycle.  It is forms-based to eliminate inconsistencies; it integrates and manages data across major worksheets to remove errors and supervises all procedural and data recording activities relating to:

  • Workflow

  • Approvals compliance

  • Data management

  • Data flow

  • Communications flow

  • Business intelligence


The main benefits from the workflow approach are:

  • A reduced process training requirement

    • Lower training costs

    • Lower resource costs

    • Greater resource flexibility

  • Decreased administration and reporting time

    • Approximately 5-minutes administration time per Digital Champion per week

    • Full management reporting dashboard, with charts and trends within 1-minute

  • Superior data quality

  • Enhanced data integrity

  • Consistent reporting data



  • Conforms to organisational volunteer management processes

  • Manages large or small-scale volunteer recruitment campaigns

  • Manages and documents defined due diligence processes

  • Manages and documents electronic communication procedures

  • Maintains volunteer training records

  • Manages the tasks necessary to provide a robust data management environment

    • Maintains data consistency

    • Protects data integrity

    • GDPR

    • Manages Aged data

    • Data validation

    • Data quality

  • Manages and reports on specific Digital Inclusion projects or contracts

  • Creates and manages Digital Champion volunteer sessions and their venues

  • Manages volunteer activity reporting procedures

  • Queries the extensive programme data using Excel filters

  • Runs flexible, powerful programme reports using Excel pivot tables

  • Publishes regular data dashboards and charts for use in:

    • Management Information reports

    • Programme or project reports

    • Client service reports

    • Operational reports

    • Benefit and value reports

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