Business Meeting

“For your information, excellent feedback received from both the team and the client about Paul Hobbins's work. Thank you for your wise recommendation.”

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Winning a significant new piece of services business is only the beginning....

Modern organisations are necessarily lean – margins are under constant pressure and headcount is always high on the agenda.  Under these conditions a common dilemma faced by an expanding organisation is ‘what happens when a new customer is won?’, or ‘what happens when the ICT department needs to respond quickly to a major challenge?’

There are several ways of dealing with these resource constraints but an effective answer today is to hire-in the required skills and experience on a temporary basis.  An experienced IT Service Professional can quickly blend with a company’s structure and culture, bringing powerful expertise to bear on a project in the shortest possible time.  This allows a company time to breathe and organise, whilst at the same time projecting a sharp, focused image on the front-line.

As highly experienced contracting IT Service Professionals, we can assist your organisation in making these transitions move forward as effectively as possible.  We are capable of providing full support for design, integration and implementation of ITIL based Service Management models in complex environments and at all stakeholder levels.

Contact us if you would like to discuss any specific issues or opportunities.